Miss my School Days!! :(

Its a very very lovely morning (AT LEAST FOR ME).. In School, “MY SCHOOL” (SAIFEE HALL) at the moment right inside the Principal Sir’s office.. Almost the whole school has been modified, everything is changed, new faces are seen, but Our Beloved PRINCIPAL, MR. MD JAHANGIR’S OFFICE IS STILL THE SAME- The same old arm chair which almost covers him up, Hundreds of notices on the notice board, same old square wall clock, 3 paper weights on the table, the same old list of teachers under the glass on the table, old files, so many papers and books here and there, and nevertheless, I think the dust bin too is the same.. πŸ˜› The only thing I feel is new is the paint, that too am not sure because its still light blue.. πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰ MY LOVELY SCHOOL, SAIFEE GOLDEN JUBILEE ENGLISH PUBLIC SCHOOL.. I LOVE YOU AND EVEN MISS YOU SO SO MUCH.. And it just was LOVELY & AWESOME, meeting my favorite teachers and getting a tight hug from them early in the morning.. And even seeing those ANGRY FACES that always gave me a grin during my school days.. πŸ˜› Guys, three CHEERS for Our School, Saifee Hall.. β™₯

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