Boundaries and Borders are for Dividing Lands NOT Hearts! :)

You have been more than a best friend to me and you always will be.. No matter how much I fight with you no matter how many times we stop talking to each other.. And maybe a day will come when we actually get separated forever.. You will not know where I am and I will not know where you are.. But one thing we both will definitely know, “We are always there inside each other’s hearts”.
It’s good to stay away and love than to stay close and hate..
I have always respected you as a friend and a guide.. You have supported me in the thick and thins of life and have consoled me everytime I needed to be..
That’s all together a different matter if our thinkings do not match.. And also it doesn’t make either of us wrong.. We both are right on our paths.. It’s just the thinking process and our perceptions that differ.. And this difference of thought can’t make me hate you or abuse you..
You were my friend, you are my friend and you In Shaa ALLAH, will always be my friend no matter how far away you are from me..
Boundaries and borders are for dividing lands NOT hearts..
ULLU!  🙂

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