Dear Diary #1 “I’m NOT a TOY, a Doll with no feelings & Emotions..” (A Page from my Diary)

Dear Diary,
You know what? People think that I’m a TOY. But I’m NOT. You know na, that I’m NOT a toy…. I too have a heart that pains, that aches, that has got feelings; feelings of love, feelings of hatred, feelings of pain, sorrow, grief.. Then, why doesn’t these people understand? Why do they think me to be a toy? Temme, how do I tell them that their harsh words Hurt me? How to make them understand that their behaviour, their hatred, their ignorance, their mis-treatment wounds my heart? Tell me! How do I tell them? If people call me ‘Doll’, that DOESN’T mean I’m as heartless and feeling-less as a doll. Damn it! I AM A HUMAN…. I AM A GIRL! AND I HAVE A HEART WHICH IS NOT AS STRONG AS THAT OF GUYS! I AM EVEN MORE SENSITIVE THAN THE ‘TOUCH ME NOT’ PLANT! The ‘touch me not” droops down when you touch it, but even ONE Harsh word coming from you droops me. Am I not more sensitive than ‘Touch me not’? Yes, I am…. I know I am.. And that’s bad.. Isn’t it?

My dear Diary, why don’t you help me become strong? Why don’t you give me some suggestions? You ONLY LISTEN to my problems but never respond to them.. WHY?? I know I’m selfish, I ONLY come to you when I’m totally shattered, broken or depressed, rest of the time I don’t even give you a look. But still, it’s your highness that you ALWAYS listen to my problems very silently & patiently & never get bored or annoyed. When none listen to me YOU DO.. I LOVE YOU MY DEAR DIARY! Talking to you reliefs me. But, please temme na, WHY do people take me for granted? Why do they treat me like a toy, a doll that has got NO FEELINGS, NO PAIN, NO EMOTIONS, NOTHING? I’m giving you time to research and think over it.. FIND OUT AND LET ME KNOW SOON!! WAITING!!

Love A2fa!

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