Destiny Has It Planned!

There was no better option than letting you go. I’m bound to do that. You were a friend, a true friend, a type of friend that I never had before, you were a motivation to me, you made me realize the importance of my life, you made me plan my dreams and goals, you were all that, that inspired me to derive the purpose of my life, you were a person to make me feel and understand the basic values of life and to become self-dependent & independent. I never had enough courage to do things that I did after you came into my life. I never thought I would come out of the exam hall and say “my paper went superb”, when I bought the book just one day before my exam. You were undoubtedly a messenger of God to me, who came and made me realize the values of life and then left silently. I never wanted to disappoint you, I never meant to hurt you, I never wanted to see tears in your eyes, and I never wanted to listen to your trembling and quivering voice. I got to learn a lot from you, in fact you taught me the true meaning of life. You taught me the purpose of me being on this planet, you developed confidence in me.



I’m sorry that I hurt you, I’m sorry that I made you cry, I’m sorry that I could give you nothing in return, I’m sorry that I made things complicated for you, I’m sorry for I couldn’t prove to be a good friend, I’m sorry for I disappointed you, I’M SORRY FOR I LET YOU GO.



I’m bound by hundreds of things, I’m bound by hundreds of expectations, I’m bound my hundreds of rules and regulations, I’m bound by hundreds of responsibilities, I’m bound by hundreds of favours which can’t be shoved off. I’m helpless, I’ve nothing better to do, I’m left with no superior option to be practiced, I’m not in a state to overcome the confusion inside me, I’m unable to get things in place or put them together, I’m impotent to derive the correct out of so many in-corrects. Things are not on my path, things are not in my favour. I’ve no way out. I HAVE to be the loser either ways.


I wish things could go the way I want them to, I wish I could live my life the way I want to, I wish there were no limits and boundaries to the things I wanted to do, I wish could write my destiny the way I want it to be and then change it over and again if it didn’t go well with the prevailing conditions, I wish I had SOMEEEE super-natural power that could make my life MY OWN!

My life is not my own, many others have a share in it, so I just can’t live it all by my own. There are certain pledges to be carried out, there are a number of connexions to be kept in mind. I’m just so helpless. I sometimes have to do things that are not in my favour but is the correct choice. I have to go against my heart and my will and take decisions keeping in mind the expectations of others around me.

But never mind….

It’s good to end things on a happy note.

So, my dear friend, you’ll ALWAYS be remembered in my heart and stay there forever as one of the good things that happened to me. And hope to meet soon after a couple of years during an interviewing session with you. Till then, a sweet GOOD-BYE to you.

Love & Blessings! 🙂

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