Insane People of India!

This is one of those things that differentiate ‪Dubai‬ from ‪‎India‬.
INSANITY: I with my Mom and Aunt have been waiting for a long time for a taxi near Woodlands hospital where we went to visit one of my uncles. We anyhow managed to get a cab after a long wait. Upon asking the driver if he WISHES to take us what was is response?
Yes, but you have to pay 20 rupees more than what the meter will show. And we were bound to do so as we have been waiting for a long time and had no other choice.
An icing on the cake was that he lit a cigarette right after getting on to the driver’s seat.
Even after all of us requesting him twice to throw away the cigarette as the smoke was really giving us all headache, he seemed least bothered and continued to smoke until he finished it.

If it was Dubai, would the driver ask for extra money, would he even think of smoking inside the taxi, specially when he has 3 females sitting inside?
Wake up India, WAKE UP! It’s high time now..
With no intention to revenge him but just to make us all aware, his taxi’s number plate read: WB-11 B4000.
Let’s not let these people misuse our innocence and/or take advantage of our helplessness/needs/requirements..

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