It’s not the quantity that matters, it’s the QUALITY!

I’ve 111 people in my Facebook Friends’ List. But I just can’t ask any random person from my FB list to lend me his/her shoulders when I cry. I can’t pick any random guy or a girl from there and ask him/her out for a movie. I can’t go on blabbering in front of someone whom I hardly care for or think to be worthy enough. I’m not a stupid person to share my secrets with every person I come across on a social networking site like Facebook. I can’t speak out my heart to those 111 people. I can’t ask them to accompany me for my college project or to come along with me to some far off place. I can’t do this simply because I don’t trust them enough. Nor can I just get pissed at them if they deny me something or maybe don’t care for me, it’s because they are just a quantity to me not quality. Friends are never found in quantity. If you say “I’m a very friendly person and I have friends all around the world.” Then my dear, you are fool, they are not your friends, they are simply your connections, just because you like socializing with people. Friends are not who are there in our Twitter, Orkut or Facebook list, they are, who are there in our hearts. Despite my FB list being 111, I feel lonely when I don’t meet my friends.

Maybe, friends are something else for you but for me friends are who are there in my heart, who are the ones to understand and support us in good deeds and also stop me from getting into anything wrong, who at times sacrifices or reschedules their other appointments just for me, who understands that I need them even when I say I don’t. Calling yourself a friend is not a big deal, but PROVING yourself to be a FRIEND, definitely is.

I know I’m mad, stupid, idiot, stubborn and full of attitude and ego but this is only when I get extremely infuriated, and this is the time when you need to understand me and know the situation prevailing inside of me. I’ll say every stupid stuff that comes to my mouth randomly without giving a second thought, but you need to understand that I’m not in a proper state of mind. The moment I get back to my normal state, I’ll definitely regret and come back to you with a hell lot of sorries, but till then you need to keep calm and help me cool down. If you can’t do these things for a friend then please STOP calling yourself a friend. A friend should know how to deal with another friend in different situations. When a person is angry, he/she will say everything that they never mean.

If I had the option to choose my own customized title for the ‘Friends’ column in FB, I definitely would have renamed it as ‘People’ or ‘Contacts’.

(A dedication to MYSELF & to all my friends and everyone who claims to be a friend to someone/anyone.)

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