MARRIAGE: A girl’s Biggest Dream and Greatest Fear

Getting married is a dream every girl has, on the contrary the fear of leaving her family and specially her mother is also there. A girl dreams of having a partner for life, who would be with her in every ups and downs of life and for whom she’ll be his priority, but also she’s scared if he’s not the right guy for her and if he doesn’t treat her the way she deserves to be treated. A girl always expects her hubby to be the best of her friends but also fears if he doesn’t feel the same. I being a girl, have always wished for a partner who loves me more that his materialistic property, who cares for me more than a mother, who treats me like a princess, who never looks at me with eyes full of anger or hatred, who always understands me & if not, then at least tries to understand, a man who doesn’t get angry at little things, a man for whom abusing his wife is equal to a sin. I expect him to help me get accustomed to his family’s customs and traditions. I expect him to remember that am a human being and I too can make mistakes, which won’t be repeated if he helps. I want him to know that I am a girl with a weak heart, who cannot stand rebukes and hatred and so I expect him to treat me with love. I being a girl, expect my guy to admire my beauty more than Preity Zinta, Kareena Kapoor, Aishwariya Ray or anyone. I want him to remind me every day that I’m the best thing that ever happened to him. I think I deserve to be loved by him beyond all imaginations. I want all these qualities in A SINGLE MAN, because………….. because I left, for him, a mother who loved me the most, a father who cared for me the most, a brother who treated me like a lil princess, friends who understood me always, a family that was always by my side in the ups and downs of my life. My mother is the one I love the most but for a man whom I have hardly known I will be leaving her. I might not be getting to know when at times she must be missing me, I might not be aware of if she’s going through a bad headache and needs someone to massage her head, I might be unaware of the fact that she’s all alone at home when Dad & bro are at work and she needs someone around. I will be leaving a mother who’s nothing less than an angel to me. I’ll be leaving a father who no doubt scolds me at times but after a while also comes and asks me if I took my meal or not, who even uses some harsh words out of anger but never means to hurt me, a father who when sees a nice dress in a shop, gets for me without me asking for it, a father who, when gets something good to eat, calls me from my room & gives me. I’ll be leaving a father who’s nothing less than a hero to me. I also will be leaving behind a brother, who always fights with me & threatens to hit me someday but always stands against any danger coming my way, a brother who says, “I won’t give you a penny the next time” but still gets me a Fastrack watch when he goes shopping for himself. I’ll be separating from a brother who’s not my best friend but my true friend. And I also will be leaving friends who have always said, “Aray yaar tension mat le, things would be fine soon. We are there na?” Friends who would make me cry but seeing my tears would hug me and say ‘sorry’ too and just the moment I would say, ‘it’s ok’ they would again start teasing me. My friends are the worst creatures on earth but are also the best of best friends.

I certainly don’t feel that I’m expecting too much from my husband if I want him to have the qualities that of my father, mother, brother and my best friend.

Post Author: Atoofa Khushnood

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