People or Law: Who can stop rapes?

Men will be men: Because that is how God has made them. Seeing a guy standing naked a girl will not get provoked to do anything with him (or maybe only 10% of the girls would) but if the case was opposite, 99.99% of men would definitely get provoked.

“Hi guys! Wassup?”
“Nothing just getting bored.”
“Oh! Getting bored, let’s go and rape a girl, it will be fun.”

I DO NOT mean to support rapists or rapes. But I do not also agree with the half-naked dressing of women. I also am not blaming the men and the women. But yes, I’m blaming the law of those countries where rapes have become a thing of entertainment. That day is not far when you will soon find some WhatsApp group chats as below:

“Hi guys! Wassup?”

“Nothing just getting bored.”

“Oh! Getting bored, let’s go and rape a girl, it will be fun.”

People would no more be considering movies as a medium of entertainment. Because rapes would be easier and more cost effective than a movie ticket.

I’m living in the UAE, a country which is much much more modernized than that of India and many other countries in the world. But ALHUMDULILLAH, I haven’t heard of

Dubai is known for the world’s best hotels, the world’s tallest tower but not for crimes and rapes.

any such incident yet in these 2 years. I’m not saying there would have never been such a case. Maybe maybe, it would have happened here too once in a blue moon (though I never heard of it) but this is not all Dubai is known for. Dubai is known for the world’s best hotels, the world’s tallest tower but not for crimes and rapes. What is India known for? I would still say that I’m a proud Indian, because my motherland is as pure as a new-born baby. But the Indian law is unable to maintain its purity. I, at times, feel ashamed in front of my colleagues from other nationalities when they ask me “Atoofa, what’s happening in your country? What do you think is the reason for this?” I go numb for a few seconds and the only answer I could think of is “The LAW”.

I have seen 60-80% of the women in Bikini on the beaches in Dubai, but I never heard about even one rape case yet. I haven’t seen even a single woman on the beaches wearing Bikini in India, but have heard of 100’s of rape cases. WHY?

I do not understand, why that SAME INDIAN, holding a blue passport, is a different person when in the UAE? Is he having a split personality? Or is that the UAE law that he fears?

I still DO NOT support inappropriate dressing of a woman, nor do I take 100% guarantee that a woman in fully covered hijab will never be raped. But I do take a 99% guarantee that she wouldn’t be. For the half-naked women, I have no clue how much guarantee could be taken. And if the Indian law becomes better, I will take 99.99% guarantee that all the women will be safe.

Islam has explained everything very clearly about the nature of the men and the dressing for the woman. And since God also knew that 100% of the people will not follow Him, he has also mentioned the punishments for all kinds of crime. Let us all apply these laws and see if rape increases or decreases.

I’m not being a racist, nor am I intending to talk about any religion. I’m just asking everyone to be logical and follow the correct things. Do not believe in what Islam says about a man’s sexual nature but at least believe what science says.

I’m just longing to get back to India, but hearing about a new rape case everyday frightens me to the core of my heart! God forbid!

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Post Author: Atoofa Khushnood

2 thoughts on “People or Law: Who can stop rapes?

    Jawad Hussain

    (21st September 2016 - 1:06 pm)

    Religion itself is the answer to all such heinous concepts exist in our south Asian societies. Although, both Hindus and Muslims are regarded so close to their respective religions, but the truth of the matter is that both factions have strolled far away from the teachings, and are only interested in the things that promote agony, unrest, crimes, felonies, and ruptures in our social system. Results are quite visible in both Pakistan and India. Religious extremism – which actually took Pakistanis away from the real beautiful Islam – has hurt Pakistani society like no one else could harm it. Similarly, Indian extremist Hindus have turned so far away from their real teachings that they see every woman as their chance to pass on their sperm to another body.

    Getting closer to the real teachings of our religions holds the answer.


      (21st September 2016 - 2:17 pm)


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