My love will never fade!

I love you! Yes I do! But you are my best of best friends. I’m a person full of attitude and ego but when it comes to you, I’m always ready to shed them all. I need nothing from you but just your FRIENDSHIP, for LIFETIME. I cannot imagine my life without you now because it’s already too late. Maine ek bar samjha liya tha khud ko that I’ve lost my closest friend forever but not again. This was the reason I was hesitating to open my heart to you and talk, to be you same stupid little girl whom you loved in spite of she having a lot of shortcomings. I was afraid of losing you again, I couldn’t afford to go through the same pain all over again. You will never understand how badly it hurts when you talk to me in a rude manner, you will never know what I go through when you use harsh words for me and you’ll never know how I still resist and listen to them all and again get back to normal. Do you know why? Because I cannot afford to lose my most precious gem and that is you. I can never forget the time we spent as best of best friends, sharing our feelings with each other, lending shoulders to each other & in spite of being too far physically, hamesha apni presence ka feel karwana.

Kabhi kabhi mujhe aisa lagta hai ke aap jaan booj ke kehte ho aisi cheezein mujhe so that I start hating you and move on in life & sometimes I feel like, shayad sach me aapki life me meri koi jagah ya value he nahi hai, lakin kya karoon, mera dil ye manne ko taiyaar he nahi hota hai. Aapke diye har zakham ko aapka hyper nature samajh ke bhool jaati hoon, aapki kahi har choti si choti baat needle ki tarah chubti hain ja kar dil pe. Lakin mai kaise samjhau aapko, maine agar kabhi bhi kuch bhi kiya hai to wo aapko hurt karne k liye nahi. I don’t have words to explain you how I feel every time you talk about going away from me or ending this friendship.

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