Excitement is: Waiting for someone!

Excitement is: Waiting for someone.
Someone you know for more than 5 years.
Someone you have been best friends with for more than 4 years.
Someone who knows the in and out of you and still loves you the way you are.
Someone who is as close to you as your heart but still is miles away from you.
Someone who is the person you trust the most and believe in, the most, but haven’t met yet.
Someone who’s not just a friend, but your guide, your support in every thick and thin of life and a person who understands you the best.

Waiting is such a strange feeling.
As the time comes closer, the wait increases.
Something you waited for years and then for months and then days.
But the toughest wait is those last few hours when you are just very close to it still, cannot afford to wait any further.

Just out of curiosity to see each other face to face, they one day, out of the blue said “Let’s meet sometime in Dubai”.

She then had no plans to go to Dubai & for him, it was something that would take ages.
And as time went by, things faded and the Dubai plan settled down somewhere under the sea like the sand.

So did they really meet, if yes then what happened after their meeting? Their friendship became stronger or did they fall in love with each other? Are they now married? If yes, then to whom? Each other???? Yes? No?

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