I’m not the one suffering!

I’m not the one suffering nor am I the one standing in those long queues. Still, I am speaking up against this act. Not for myself but for the ones suffering. Life is not only what you have. Happiness is not only getting what you want. Pain is not only what hurts you. Life is to see others live. Happiness is to see others happy too. And pain is to feel what others go through. I have not faced any issues yet, because luckily whatever amount I had saved was in 100s or in my bank account. I had only one 1000 and one 500 which I, anyway am not going to exchange. But seeing people suffer is what makes me speak up. Because it is said, “If you see a wrong, change it with your hands. If you are not physically able to change things or stop wrongdoings, then you must speak out against it, or advise against it, or advise a better way, or even call for help. But if you are powerless to act on any of the two methods above, then you must oppose it in your heart.” I do not have the power to change things with my hands. But I, at least can speak against it and oppose it in my heart. Because my heart is still beating. I cannot ignore those deaths caused due to long waits outside the banks and ATMs. I cannot overlook the families mourning on their daughters’ wedding day. Wedding in to enjoy not to mourn. I’m also unable to leave things unnoticed. I cannot stop paying heed to the sufferings of the common people. I may not be a social worker. I may not be someone doing a huge amount of charity. But I am a human being and I feel all the emotions a person has or may have. I feel the pain of standing in a queue when you are suffering from arthritis. I understand the pain of burning under the hot sun when you have photosensitivity. I sense the fear of losing your loved ones who are waiting for you in the ICU to get their medicines. I become restless seeing my Motherland suffer. We may have different religions, but when it comes to feelings, we are all humans. I feel the same sorrow like any Hindu when I lose someone. I go through the same pain like any Christian when I get hurt. I shed the same colour of blood like any Sikh when I get a cut. I feel the same hunger like any Muslim when starving. Because we are all different colours of flowers planted by the same gardener with the same feelings and emotions.
I sometimes wish if I could get some supernatural powers for a day. I do not promise to fix everything, but I promise to try my best to fix them all. I’m a common girl, a very common girl. Hardly 10-15 of my facebook friends will read this entire article. One or two may share too. And then it will stop there. After a year or two, facebook will show it to me as my memories. I may share my “memory” again and get some more likes on it. But nothing will change, or you can say, I don’t expect anything to change. But I will still stand up for the right things and revolt against the wrongs. I may not bring a revolution in the nation, however, I will still try to get one.

May God bless all those suffering due to this sudden change.

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Post Author: Atoofa Khushnood

2 thoughts on “I’m not the one suffering!

    Zohaib Asif

    (18th November 2016 - 8:57 am)

    Nice Article, Expression of feelings when you cannot do anything material, Your pen is your power then, Your words are your shield and your effort is the least cure to the sufferers.
    Good Effort 🙂

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