Your Existence in My Life

One day you entered into my life from nowhere.
And I could have the feeling of happiness everywhere.
At first, your talks seemed fake to me.
But now I know the actual feeling of glee.
Not understanding you was my misfortune.
From my life, which has taken away all the tune.
Was it my good luck that I met you.
Or was it my misfortune that I couldn’t get you.

Deep in my heart, you stay.
Like in the sea, stays the clay.
The day you entered into my heart & my life.
The only dream I had was to be your wife.
My life has become a wagon of pain.
The only thing I can see is a lonely lane.
You are the one for whom I wanted to live.
Now there is no reason for me to survive.
You are my only treasure.
Without you, there is no pleasure.
My love for you has no measure.
You are my only future.
(Zuwa) Dear, I remember those small little things.
And I just love the happiness it brings.
You are my hero..And you are my Prince Charming.
You are the man of my dream.
You decorate me like the icing on the cream.
Your love flows throughout my body like the stream, flows from the mountain peak.

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Post Author: Atoofa Khushnood

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