A Letter to the Illogical People!

Whomsoever it may concern

Subject: Demonetization

Dear BJP members, news anchors and all those supporting demonetization,

I’m writing this to bring to your kind notice that, YES, people are standing in line for Jio Sim, mobiles phones, mega sale……… etc. But that is their CHOICE…. And if you ever get a chance to grab an Oxford dictionary, please check the meaning of “Necessity” and “Choice”. Standing in line for something that is a choice or luxury is not mandatory. But standing in line to exchange the currency notes (as an effect of demonetization) is a “FORCED COMPULSION”. In these 26 years of my life, I haven’t seen a single person standing in the queue outside a mobile store crying…. I have changed about 10 phones since I got my first one but never saw anybody carrying stools to sit while waiting in queue…. I have had at least one sim each of all the telecommunication brand in India, but never witnessed an 80 years old standing in the queue for hours…. I have been to many sales in malls, but never observed a handicapped trying to get into that rush….

Let us forget everything and discuss about our beloved PM, Mr. Narendra Modi’s mother…. I would be grateful to the person who will answer this question of mine. Was Mrs. Heeraben Modi televised standing in the queue to buy a Jio sim, a mobile phone or to buy a white saree at any mega sale going on in one of the malls? Though it was a publicity stunt, but tell me, was it for luxury or for necessity? In fact, this news would not have gained much attention either, had it been for something else.

Hence, I would appreciate your sensibility while speaking in public and on TV because Indians may be illiterate but not fools.

Thanking you,

Atoofa Khushnood


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