Love Always Comes When You Least Expect It!

Actual date: 18.04.2014

Love definitely is one of the most confusing feelings on earth. When you think you are in love you may actually be wrong, and if sometimes you feel that you can never fall in love with someone, you end up falling for that person. Also, love is stupid and even makes you deaf, dumb & blind and takes away your thinking capacity. When you love someone, that person doesn’t love you back, and after trying your bit you accept the fact and just brainwash yourself, and just after you are completely satisfied, accept the fact and are happy to be just friends with that person you come to know that he/she has fallen for you, When? Where? How? You don’t know, nor does he/she. Now this is what revives everything and you again start spending sleepless tearful nights. You are confused, if you should take your steps back or should you keep moving ahead? Now, it’s just not about love, but also about the friendship you both are sharing, anything you say will affect both, love as well as friendship. And then when you feel you can’t just find a solution to it, you end up saying TTYL (Talk to You Later) as you need some time to think and also burst out. BTW, it’s always good to spend some lonely hours and burst out, it reliefs you.

Not only this, love is even greater than this, you know it comes when least expected and from the one, you left hopes for. But one of the other qualities about love is, it comes in bulk, yeah, you got it right. Almost all of us have sometime or the other must have had the feeling, ‘wish I too had someone to love me’ but you know, you won’t have a single person around you to love you (Lovers’ Love) but when love unexpectedly knocks at your door, it’ll come like a package with different options. Now you really don’t know whom to choose. God! I can’t even choose a dress for myself, how can I choose a ‘Life Partner’? If I go to but a simple top for myself I have to have at least one friend with me and if not then my Mom, to finalize what to take. And after trying it time and again and clicking some selfies in the changing room, I buy it, but just as I come out of the mall, I start feeling, ‘was it a good choice?’ I take a few more steps towards home and then think, ‘was is worth the amount I paid for it?’ Then a few miles more and I’m like, ‘Did it really look good on me or I made a wrong decision in a hurry?’ Then a few more steps and I say to myself, ‘Is the colour ok? Will it go with the new blue coloured jeans I bought? Can I use it in summers? Ok, 1k was not too much, right? Ahan, Mum (or my friend) didn’t make a good choice for me or maybe I’m stupid to think so much?’ And trust me, the moment I enter the house, I’m like, ‘Shit! Why the hell did I buy that? Freak! How could I be so so stupid? Gosh, now I cannot even return it nor can I exchange because the collection out there had nothing better than this.’ Now, you tell me, a girl who cannot even decide on her dress, how can she just decide on the person she actually should spend her life with? Anyways, forget it, we were talking about love’s second face. So…. It’s like.. Ummmm.. Where was I? Okay, yea I remember now. So you get a full package with different options like, ‘this is an Indian guy working in Australia, 100k AUD is his annual income.’, ‘A guy from another country, maybe your bestie for years, now loves you, and maybe you also do or maybe not, maybe it’s just your 3-4-year-old friendship love.’, ‘A businessman, nice person, understands you well, loves you excessively, have always tolerated you and your tantrums and one with the best understandings, but from a different religion, no matter what you tell him, how rude you get to him, all he has to say is a simple ‘I love you!’ And you know, his wife is definitely going to be one of the luckiest ladies on Earth. And you definitely have a soft corner for the person since he has always supported you, motivated you and have understood you.’, ‘And plus you keep getting proposals from Tom, Dick and Harry who just give it a shot out of their desperation to get into a relationship, though they actually don’t feel for you, and if you keep them waiting for more than a week or two, they just move on to someone else.’ Now tell me, isn’t love a total mess? And especially when you have already had a very bad experience with love in the past years of your life.

God!! Why did you create such a confusing thing which leaves people with wet eyes, blurred visions, confused mind, uncontrollable heart, emotional feelings, unwanted tensions and frustrations and above all, no conclusion?

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Post Author: Atoofa Khushnood

1 thought on “Love Always Comes When You Least Expect It!

    Dipak Dasgupta

    (1st December 2016 - 6:17 pm)

    Without love the world can not go on. What you are talking about is infatuation not love. Love makes you a complete person.

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