No One Like You Kapil Sharma!

I know you have many fans.
But I’m not your fan.
I’m someone who admires you to the core of her heart.
Kapil, I have seen many comedians, but you stand out.

No matter how upset I am, seeing you is all that brings a smile on my face.

I, being a girl, have always wanted a man like you in my life.
Someone who cannot make me smile, but laugh at the worst of the situations in my life.
Someone who can simply sing a song for me and I will forget the biggest of our fights.
Someone who is born with the talent of making people happy.

Mr. Sharma, you are a person no girl would like to let go.
There are thousands of heroes in Bollywood, but none like you.
They have directors & script writers to make them do what they do on TV.
But you are your own director and script writer.
Your comedy is your in-built talent.
Your singing is something that comes from your heart and touches people’s heart.

I mean, I am short of words.
I do not have enough words to explain the kind of pleasure it gives me to watch you and your show.

I have a lot of things going on in my mind 24*7, but I forget them in a second as soon as I see you.
Kapil, your instant punches & witty expressions you give when the table is turned and the joke comes on you.
And the fraction of a second you take to prepare a new punch with every word coming from the audience, Siddhu Paaji or the guests….

And above all, your comedy is so serious….
Your comedy shows the seriousness and love you have for your work….
You get into the character of a comedian so seriously….
But… but…. but…. by chance if you fail to control your laughter and come out of that “serious comedy mode” due to some unpredictable scene…. OMG! The smile that comes on your face is like the best smile ever….

Kapil, you are a full and complete package….
And I believe that your wife will be one of the luckiest women when it comes to a married life….

I wish to come to your show someday soon, In Shaa ALLAH!!

And yes, I just loveeeeeeee that “MASHA ALLAH” you say while praising someone….

Kapil, you ROCK….

I am a very big lover of Hrithik Roshan too…. I love his dance and of course his physique….

So I was just wondering what a package it would be: Your comedy and singing + Hrithik’s physique and dance….

OMG! Out of the world….

One of my most  favourite episodes of#TheKapilSharmaShow was Mohanjo Daro promotion….

Uffff! Hrithik and Kapil sharing the same stage was like mmmmmmmmmmmmmm….

And Hrithu, you are simply amazing….

A dedication to Kapil Sharma and Hrithik Roshan too….

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