Please Beware of Fraud Phone Calls

Please beware of fraud phone calls:
A couple of weeks back, I received a random call saying that he was calling from Reserve Bank of India. And asked for my PAN Card and other details. He said that my ATM card will be deactivated. As per my information, no bank or RBI will ever do this, hence I didn’t give him any details. Above all, the number I received the call on was a new number which is NOT linked to any of my or my family’s bank account. I thanked him for the information and said that I will visit my bank branch directly and check with them. He then said that I need to do it now else my card will be deactivated and I won’t be able to activate it. I still didn’t give him any details. Then the call got disconnected due to a network issue. He called back and insisted on giving the details. Since the number he called me on was not registered with any bank account, it was easy for me to understand that it was a fraud call. I then used my brain and asked him for my name as he was calling from the bank itself, he must be having this information. He then gave me a fake name and I disconnected the call saying that it’s a wrong number and I am not the person he is looking for.
And trust me, it’s been a couple of weeks, and my ATM cards are working smoothly. I did not do anything. Neither did I visit my bank branch nor RBI.
So, it was not RBI calling, it was a scam call.
This is NOT a copy paste, it actually happened with me, Atoofa Khushnood.
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