Tease Me But Don’t Hurt Me!

Tease me but don’t hurt me. I’m a girl, as sensitive as the “Touch me not” plant.

There are some people who will claim to love and understand you but they actually don’t. They will say they don’t like to see you cry, but the maximum amount of tears shed by you will be because of them only.
They will say “I didn’t mean to hurt you, I just love to tease you. Sorry if you were hurt.”

There are some people who don’t understand the difference between “HURTING” and “TEASING”

But trust me, they will repeat the same thing again and again, even after knowing that it hurts you to the core. There are some people who don’t understand the difference between “HURTING” and “TEASING”. Teasing is okay but till the time it’s not hurting. Once it starts to hurt, it’s not called teasing but HURTING. People badly fail to understand this difference even after you telling them a hundred time. I wonder why? Are they really that dumb or do they really love to hurt you? Man, if you love to hurt me then have the guts to tell it on the face. Why show fake care and say false things on the face and then hurt pretending as if you didn’t know it would hurt me? Hypocrisy is not good. But some people love being hypocrites, I don’t know why?

There’s a huge difference between “MAKING fun” and “HAVING fun”. And true love doesn’t mean making fun of the one you love. True love means understanding her and making her feel safe and comfortable. Talking about s*x is not called showing loving, discussing adult stuff is not called caring, trying out romance every time is not called understanding. Loving, caring and understanding are all synonyms or one-word substitution for “Respecting the feelings of your love”.

Before loving someone, one must learn to respect women

If you don’t respect me and my feelings, you DON’T love me. If you don’t respect my likes and dislikes, you DON’T love me, if you think I’m a stupid kid for not talking non-veg with you, it means you DON’T understand or respect me. Before loving someone, one MUST learn to respect women. And to understand their feelings.

We, women, are like “Touch me not” plant, once you do something wrong with her, she droops for the rest of her life. “Touch me not” droops temporarily but the case with women is a little different. A girl is looked down upon if she’s raped even though it was against her wish. So what about a girl who does unethical things on her own wish and will? Will there be a guy to accept her and love her above all? No, I don’t think such a spirit exists on this earth yet. So this is how sensitive we girls are. Please! Please! Please! It’s a REQUEST from the bottom of my heart, RESPECT GIRLS, love them but DON’T force yourselves on them, care for them but don’t suffocate them, desire to have them but don’t lust for them. A woman is a mother, a sister, a daughter and a wife and I don’t think men can survive without any of them.

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Post Author: Atoofa Khushnood

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