World’s Most Jealous Lady!

I know it today that I am the world’s most jealous lady.. I am jealous of everything and everyone.. I myself don’t get the reason behind that jealousy..

I get jealous if my partner talks to any other girl.. I know this is something very common.. But I also get jealous if he gives much time to his family too.. Not only this, I get jealous of his work if he ignores me for that..

I get jealous if any of my female friends get a boyfriend.. I feel like I have lost her forever.. Though I try to not to show but inside I’m burning..

I get jealous if any of my male friends get a GF or any female friend who is close to him.. I may not be talking to him for ages but still I cannot stop getting jealous if I find someone else taking my place..

I get jealous if a guy who once liked me, likes someone else now.. Even though I denied to be with him, I still get jealous to see him with someone else.. I don’t know why I can’t see people moving on..

I’m not jealous of their progress but I’m jealous of losing my importance in their lives.. I’m jealous of being ignored by them..

It is ok if I move on, but I cannot see other people moving on..

I’m not jealous of losing anyone and everyone, but only the ones who have been close to me and vice versa.

I at times feel that I am wrong in doing so.. Why should I be jealous of people’s personal life.. I should only be concerned about my life and my partner’s life.. If this is what I feel for everyone, then I may not be a loyal person..

I even am jealous of my brother.. My parents love us both equally, but I still feel that they love him more.. And this is what makes me jealous..

I am jealous of my Dad when he grabs the attention of my Mom.. I start to dislike him if at times my Mom ignores me for him..

I think I have got a serious disease called “JEALOUSY”..

If any one of you are suffering from the same/similar kind of a disease, please let me know..

Maybe it would help me to get cured..

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