I Need You!

I need you to be with me, to comfort me when I feel uncomfortable, to ease me when I feel uneasy, I need you to lend me your shoulders when I need support, I need you to explain things to me when my memory gives up, I need you to guide me when I’m lost, I need you to scold me when I disobey you, I need you to hug me when I feel lonely, I need you to look at me and smile when I cry and then say, “Lil Doll, stop crying babu, but you know what, you really look cute when you cry..”& then laugh out loud, I need you to narrate a 10 pages’ story just to put forward a 10 words’ message, I need you to quietly stare at me and smile for no reason and then say, “Kaala teeka laga lena” & that too at a time when am in my worst of looks. I need you to become my motivation when I’m totally demotivated and demoralized, I need you to have faith in my capabilities and help me to rise when I have given up fully, I need you to love me when I have no love left for myself, I need you to remember me when I have forgotten myself, I need you to understand me when I can’t judge my own actions, I need you to know me when I have lost my identity, I need you forever and if you think you can’t support me forever then I need you at least until the time I learn to walk without any support, until the time I learn to laugh without anyone tickling my stomach, till the time I learn to wipe my own tears, till the time I learn to guide my own self, till the time I learn to understand a 10 words’ moral without reading a 10 pages’ story, till the time I learn to live on my own, till the time I learn to live alone & if not all these, then at least until the time I learn to live without O2.

(A dedication to a friend, who’s not my friend, nor are we best friend, who’s not even my BF, nor my brother, but we are bound by a unique relationship, which is yet not discovered!) 🙂

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