Lessons That The Hospital Trip Gave Me!

It was so painful and lonely to be in the hospital among those unknown patients, aayas, nurses, ward boys & doctors. That was so not homely. I was so upset. But anyhow, I was excited about the VIP treatment that I was about to get. People coming to meet and treat me as their most favorite child, niece, friend, daughter, etc. That was a time when I felt I can easily make out who are my real friends and who are the ones who actually care for me. And not surprisingly I was right.

This trip to the hospital taught me many things. Also it made me feel guilty of a few things I did in my past. I just wanted to be surrounded by people, my Mom & my Friends, I just wanted all of my friends to be with me for as much time as possible. There were some whom I expected to appear as soon as they heard of me getting hospitalized and there were some whom I never expected to even bother to ask about me. But unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, things turned upside down. The ones who were not expected were the ones to show up & the ones who were most expected and also I was waiting for never bothered to ask even. It was hurting. The one’s I considered to be my besties either showed up too late or never showed up only. It was too hurting when a person for who’s health I prayed day and night, for whom I gave up every other thing and also was ready to share the pain the person was going through, when hospitalized, never even bothered to call up ones and ask how I was. No matter how bad a fight we had, no matter what had happened between us, but this was not the time to show your anger. Anyways, maybe that’s how it was supposed to be. This incident gave me a lesson than hatred & anger is beyond any love. But this was not it, to my surprise a friend who I thought “was” my friend, visited me. I never expected her to come because I considered her to be a girl with great ego and attitude. I never thought she would ever come to see me no matter how serious I am. But to my surprise she proved me wrong. And by proving me wrong she also gave me a lesson that Humanity is above all and also no matter how rude you get to your friend, that goodness you had being a friend never goes. It was the happiest time when I saw this side of her, my whole vision of her changed. I also felt guilty of whatever happened. She made me realize that it was wrong of me to show so much of attitude and ego. I was so impressed by her. Attitude and ego is not always what you should hold back to or what gets you respect. It’s you heart and you kindness and your forgiving and forgetting nature that gains you respect. And to be honest, I really have started respecting that lady. And contradictorily I learnt that ego and attitude is not above all.

(I was not getting better words to put forward my feelings. This is not worth being blogged but just wanted people to know a little of what one should be like)

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