Load Shedding!

The only good and the best thing about load shedding is, it gets the whole family together in one room/courtyard/terrace..

And then begins the moment you can cherish throughout your life (more fun in a joint family like mine)..
Family gossips, childhood memories, horror stories, real life incidents, stories and experiences, cracking jokes and sharing of some hard learned lessons of life, getting to know some experiences which only a grey haired person can have, learning things the easy way!And when a husky voice says, “Bhoot ki kahani sun’ni hai?” (Want to listen to ghost stories?) and all the young and also some of the adult members of the family shout in chorus, ‘Haan! Haan! Yay! (Yes! Yes! Yay!), among those cheerful voices you get to hear a sound almost like a whisper (due to the noise pollution created by all others) saying, “Nahi nahi bhoot ki kahani nahi! Mai so nahi sakunga raat ko.” (No no! Not ghost stories! I won’t be able to sleep at night.) and then again a chorale of voice trying to shut him/her up.
Now begins the story: “So it was 10 years ago when I used to be 48, I went to visit someone in some village side area and for that I had to cross a small forest like place after getting out of the railway station, with huge trees all around. It was around 8 PM, and 8 in a village is too late to be out and especially 10 years ago it was. So…. I kept walking for around 5 minutes when I encountered a little girl sitting under a tree with a hand-made doll in hand……..”
And suddenly one of the wickedest member among them all approaches your left ear from behind and shouts into it, ‘Bhoooo’, everyone else present also start screaming, and you with your heart in your mouth, are trying to analyse what actually happened – one of the best moments during load shedding times (maybe not for the victim, but for all others).

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