One of the Magical Moments!

Another paragraph from  It All Happened in Dubai….

“Atoofa, you are taking it and going!” he commanded in a little rough voice. And she had nothing much to say. She then got back into his car and hugged him tightly saying “I’m so sorry. But you should have told me na. And there was no need to get this baby. I would have bought it by myself.” He hugged her back even tighter and replied “Because you wanted it and I wanted to gift you something.” This was one of those most magical moments they had together. She didn’t know if I should be happy or sad. She was smiling with tears in my eyes and crying with a smile on her face. The feeling was difficult to explain. In that hug of hardly a minute, she imagined everything about their past, present and future too. The fear of losing him got tears into her eyes and the feeling of having him with her at that moment got a smile on her face.


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