Comparison – Me & My Catty (Cat)

Looking at my catty, I wonder, what a wonderful life she has. Unlike me, she has no pain of separation from her family or of losing her love. No missing someone, no memories of the past haunting her. Unlike me, she doesn’t need to remember all the dates starting from the first meeting till the last fight. The first time when they exchanged those three magical words, “I LOVE YOU!”She need not remember the first time they walked hand in hand & kissed each other stealing a moment from the world and hiding themselves under a tree or in the darkness of the night. How lucky my cat is, she doesn’t even remember when was it the first time that she was badly hurt by the one she loved the most. She doesn’t hamper her sleep, thinking about those moments she once shared with her love. The hardest thing for her is to catch a mouse, whereas, for me, it’s to live without you. The most disheartening moment for her is when I’m not in a mood to play with her, but for me, it is whenever I miss you. Something that upsets her the most is when I’m sleeping & I don’t share my blanket with her, for me, it is when I’m lying on the bed hugging my pillow & remembering the memories we once cherished. I look at my cat and wonder how could she be so feeling less, how could she be so heartless. If she’s so attached to me, I being a human, then is it possible that she’s immune to the pains I’m susceptible to. If she can get so deeply attached to humans then how attached can she be to her own kind? Am I on the wrong path by thinking that I’ve got much more pain, sorrow & desperation than her? Like me, is she also trying to hide her grief behind her playful acts? Am I being fooled by her smart acts of behaving cool? God! What an amazing actor she is. She never let me feel her pain. And I always thought that she’s just Immune to them all. Hold on! I’m getting off my track!! I’m acting stupid by comparing her heartache with mine. After all, I AM A HUMAN & she’s just a small silly little cat. If she really was such a good actor then she would have given many Hits by now. Huh! I wish I too could be as carefree as my Cat.. 🙁

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