Corruption – So this is what our we are!

Corruption in India can never end. Because corruption is not in their activities only but their minds too are corrupt.

Will you not call this corruption? And I got the proof when I went out with my brother who is just 17 and I am 25+. I suddenly decided to go out for a photoshoot to a park and included my brother in the plan. We took a public bus and got down at the nearest bus stop. Since we were going there after a very long time, we got a bit confused as to where exactly the park was. Ahad then insisted on asking the policemen standing there.

There were two of them and the third one just joined them. I asked Ahad to ask as I usually am not comfortable talking to these people. Maybe it is because I watch Crime Patrol and Savdhaan India a lot that I don’t trust these policemen and am afraid of being mistreated. So my brother asked them to which they replied “Kaunsa park?” (which park?) and then Ahad passed on the question to me. I told him Golpark where there in a bridge and a mosque inside. These three honourable people had a very wicked smile on their faces since the very beginning when Ahad inquired them about the park.

Seeing this I felt embarrassed though Ahad was still casual as he didn’t understand what I understood.

Then just to come out of that embarrassing situation I said, “The one where people go for photography.” One of them again asked, “you want to go for enjoyment” And he ended up saying “Which park, the one where you play or the one with the lake where girlfriend and boyfriend go for enjoyment?” This was something that simply filled me with anger and I wanted to slap that man harder than ever. I felt like telling him that he’s my younger brother who is just 17 and I am his 25. But then I decided to not to throw a stone in the mud and dirty my own clothes. We then made a move.

So this is what our countrymen are. And this is one of the reasons that my elder brother has stopped taking me out anywhere ages ago. He too had heard these things a number of times which embarrassed him to the extremes. Hence, the people who are there to help us or to safeguard us have a corrupt mind, then the Nation will never progress with such people as citizens.

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