You Are Not My Boyfriend: Our Relationship Is Very Different

You are so sweet and simple.
On my face, your thought gets a dimple.

Talking to you, I feel light.
And my eyes glow bright.

I like listening to your superfluous talk.
Throughout the night, they stalk.

At times, I go numb while listening to you.
And the words in my dictionary become few.

Sometimes, I try not to speak much.
And, of your words, let my ears feel the touch.

It is so nice to know you more and more.
And let your heart open it’s hidden store.

Meeting you was a coincidence.
Never knew we’ll ever become such good friends.

Talking to you gives me immense pleasure.
But listening to you is a real treasure.

You put back life into me.
Filling me with the feeling of joy and glee.

We are so much the same.
Similarities are so many that I just can’t name.

It’s not that you are my boyfriend.
But our friendship is really a trend.

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Post Author: Atoofa Khushnood

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