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My Quarantine Days Away from My Family!

I have a 2 BHK flat where normally I, my husband and my 11 months old daughter live. When you enter from the main door of the house there is a small thin passage to leave your shoes and then move forward towards the big rectangular-shaped decorated hall room. Right at the end of the […]

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For a Lovely Friend I Lost! – Friendship Poem

A girl so cheerful.
Full of life and cool.
Every time I recall you,
I remember the days we spent together.

No matter how much I try,
I fail to imagine you, so motionless.
With every blink of an eye,
I visualize your smiling face, bidding me goodbye.

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What is love

What is Love – A True Feeling?

What is love?

Many people say that true love happens only once. But when you ask me can love happen twice, I will say, no, it can happen as many times as you want. Because, in today’s world, we don’t know the meaning of true love or even love. Or maybe there is nothing called love. The only love that I feel exists is the love of a mother for her child and vice versa.

We often mistake crush, infatuation, liking, physical or emotional attraction for love.

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How it feels to be able to help people!

How it Feels to be Able to Help People!

A week ago, when I was not doing anything other than sitting at home, eating and sleeping, I used to get hell upset when anyone asked me if I can help them with a job. Because I myself was looking for one. And 1 year back when I was in Dubai, the situation was similar. Read more about How it Feels to be Able to Help People!

Rape and love making

Rape and Love Making!

There is a very thin line of difference between rape and love-making – consent. If you do it with the girl’s consent it’s love-making and if you do it without the girl’s consent it’s rape. Please understand the difference. A2fa  ©



Criticism has always had a double meaning: When criticised by enemies, it is a motivation. When criticised by friends, it is a demotivation. A2fa  ©

Na Tu Aaya Na Tera Koi Paigham Aaya!

Duniya bhar se mujhe paigham aaye.

Bas sirf ek tera he paigham na aaya.

Ye kaisi mohabbat tune banai, ya Khudaya.

Baithi rahi aasre me mai tere un alfaaz ke.

Na tu aaya na tera koi paigham aaya.

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Science City Kolkata

Science City – Kolkata

Science City Kolkata is the largest science centre in the Indian subcontinent under National Council of Science Museums (NCSM), Ministry of Culture, Government of India, is at the crossing of Eastern Metropolitan Bypass and J B S Haldane Avenue, Kolkata. It is considered by some people as the most distinguished landmark in post-independence Kolkata. Saroj […]

Pashtawa – Broken Heart Shayari!

​ Yaad aata hai jab tera rookhapan, Jab satata hai ye soonapan. Darte hain narazgi me utha na dein koi aisa kadam, Ke tu bhi pashtaye or pashtaye hum. A2fa  ©


This Is What My Ego Says Every Time I See You!

Your face is my mirror, Every time I see you. I see the ego in me, It also shows the better person I could be. I want to sit on my knee, And make you a plea, To forgive me. Your face is like my book of sins, Through your face, my ego grins. It […]

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