I Am All Alone!

Living among these people is choking my breath.
I am wondering in search of death.
I don’t know what does God want from me.
Or what do I want from Thee?
The only thing I know is, “I am all alone.”

I never thought these people are gonna leave me like this.
They were the ones,with every beat,I miss.
I don’t wanna live anymore.
So, for exiting from this world,am looking for a door.

It was my stupidity that I thought they love me.
But now I know, they can’t even see me, happy.
Am I am really that bad that no one can even see me?
Or am I a little different from what they think me to be?

I just wanted them to wipe my tears when I cry.
And to force them to dry.
All that I wanted from them was to hug me tight.
And to make me feel bright.
I needed them to stand by my side.
And to become my sight.

I never wanted them to cry when I die.
But to care for me when I am alive.
I wanted them to stay as close to me as possible.
But,in their life,they made me feel like an obstacle.

It was my dream.
to become their queen.
But I never knew.
Am nothing but just an unwanted beam.

My life has been lead to a way.
Where there is no chance of staying happy and gay.
It was my fault that I didn’t realize that earlier.
Otherwise, my life would have been easier.

I don’t know my reason to live.
For,to the world,I have Nothing to give.

I don’t know what does God want from me.
Or what do I want from Thee.
The only thing I know is, “I am all alone.”
Dedicated to my family and my love.

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Post Author: Atoofa Khushnood

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