Installing CCTV Cameras in the entire country will also not help!

Installing #CCTV #Cameras in the entire country will also not help unless there is a human monitoring it 24*7. It will simply be called crying over the spilt milk. What is the use of punishing the criminals after the crime has been committed? What is the use of lighting up candles after a rape victim has already died? Installing CCTVs with no one monitoring it at real time is not to stop crime or save victims, but just to punish the criminals after the crime is committed. And in a country like India, where rapes don’t have a death penalty, the rapists are not afraid of CCTVs. They know that they won’t be getting a capital punishment and would be released after completion of their tenure to rape someone again. Rape will only become negligible when Indian declares death penalty as the only punishment for rapists and have a human monitoring the CCVTs 24*7. So that the person at the control room can immediately advise the police station of the particular area to stop the crime taking place, at the real time.

Yet, I appreciate the changes in the law after the Nirbhaya rape case.

And congratulations to all Indians that we fall under the top 10 countires with highest rape crimes

And shame to all the countries following Sharia Laws (Islamic Laws) that they are not in the top 10 list because of the brutal punishments given to rapists.

Now we should decide if being in the top 10 is what we want or having a capital punishment against rape crimes.


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