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My Quarantine Days Away from My Family!

I have a 2 BHK flat where normally I, my husband and my 11 months old daughter live. When you enter from the main door of the house there is a small thin passage to leave your shoes and then move forward towards the big rectangular-shaped decorated hall room. Right at the end of the […]

Evolution and Love - Love changes with time - My love changed - Evolution in Love - Priorities change

Evolution and Love – Has Love Evolved with Evolution?

It’s a new world, a new generation and a new lifestyle. We are advancing a lot. Gadgets and technology have made life easier and simpler than we ever imagined. We are in the world of Alexa where you don’t even need a human to talk to. Alexa is enough to get you over your loneliness. […]

What is love

What is Love – A True Feeling?

What is love?

Many people say that true love happens only once. But when you ask me can love happen twice, I will say, no, it can happen as many times as you want. Because, in today’s world, we don’t know the meaning of true love or even love. Or maybe there is nothing called love. The only love that I feel exists is the love of a mother for her child and vice versa.

We often mistake crush, infatuation, liking, physical or emotional attraction for love.

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How it feels to be able to help people!

How it Feels to be Able to Help People!

A week ago, when I was not doing anything other than sitting at home, eating and sleeping, I used to get hell upset when anyone asked me if I can help them with a job. Because I myself was looking for one. And 1 year back when I was in Dubai, the situation was similar. Read more about How it Feels to be Able to Help People!

Love Is Very Simple Yet Complicated

Love Is Very Simple Yet Complicated!

Love Is Very Simple Yet Complicated!

Love!! Oh really?? Love marriages have become a trend in today’s world. We, the new generation often look down upon those who have an arranged marriage. Time and again, you will notice yourself teasing your friends regarding their marriage which was or is not going to be a love marriage. More than a feeling, love has become a style statement. Having a boyfriend/girlfriend, getting into a physical relationship has now become a necessity. Not because you love your partner but because you get a chance to boast about your love and sex life among your friends.

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Overcoming My Biggest Fear – Hydrophobia!

I am working hard towards overcoming one of my biggest fear. I never knew I was afraid of water or to be precise, I had hydrophobia. Recently, I started taking swimming lessons and I am doing good with the floating and also a little of paddling but I am afraid to do exactly the same thing in deep water.  Read more about Overcoming My Biggest Fear – Hydrophobia!

Cried Enough Tears

I’ve Cried Enough Tears – Now No More! :’)

Now No More!

I’ve cried enough tears, I’ve swallowed enough lumps of pain, I’ve concealed enough wounds, I’ve spent enough sleepless nights, I’ve taken enough rebukes, I’ve tolerated enough agony, now no more. I’m not going to cry, I’m not going to wait and try (putting things back into place). I’m now going to move on, leaving behind whatever is gone. No regret, just forget. Life is short if you think of giving back at least 10 % of what you parents have given you; at the same time life is extensive if you want to spend it regretting and fighting. So, it’s time to do something other than shedding tears. It’s time to make myself and not break myself. People keep coming and going, but time would never come back. Making use of time and utilizing it in the correct place is what is needed. Read more about I’ve Cried Enough Tears – Now No More! :’)


Corruption – So this is what our we are!

Corruption in India can never end. Because corruption is not in their activities only but their minds too are corrupt. Will you not call this corruption? And I got the proof when I went out with my brother who is just 17 and I am 25+. I suddenly decided to go out for a photoshoot […]

Look at the Mirror!

When your own house is built of glass, you shouldn’t fire stones on others. Never say big big words to someone else’s daughter when you yourself have daughters. You never know what karma will get you in return. When you point a finger at others, you have three pointing back at you. Before criticizing about […]

Installing CCTV Cameras in the entire country will also not help!

Installing #CCTV #Cameras in the entire country will also not help unless there is a human monitoring it 24*7. It will simply be called crying over the spilt milk. What is the use of punishing the criminals after the crime has been committed? What is the use of lighting up candles after a rape victim has […]

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