What is love

What is Love – A True Feeling?

What is love?

Many people say that true love happens only once. But when you ask me can love happen twice, I will say, no, it can happen as many times as you want. Because, in today’s world, we don’t know the meaning of true love or even love. Or maybe there is nothing called love. The only love that I feel exists is the love of a mother for her child and vice versa.

We often mistake crush, infatuation, liking, physical or emotional attraction for love.

Why do we love? We love someone only if and when we see something good in them. Something that we can benefit from. Someone loves you for your looks, so that they can show you off to their friends. Some people love you because of your status, money, car, property, etc. Some love you because YOU show care, which means again it’s something that they are getting from you. But most of them love you just for physical relationship. When the lights are off, neither your face, height, complexion nor your money matters. All that matters is the pleasure of satisfying your own self.

It is always about, I, me & myself. It is NEVER about you. You often get attracted to someone who is beautiful. We all must have heard about love at first sight. If you tell someone that you’ve fallen in love with him /her at first sight, they may feel happy about it. But if you analyze, what is love at first sight? It’s just that you saw a pink dress and you liked it. But later on you realize that the material is not good, it is not comfortable or some other issue is there with the same. And you don’t go for it. Same is love at first sight. You only go by the face value of a person. You choose something that looks good to your eyes. Is this really love?

Deciding on a dress is easier, you can touch, feel n reject in like 5 minutes. But before rejecting a person whom you choose on face value it will take you a little more time. And rejecting someone after spending a good time is something that breaks the other person.

You are with someone until you are getting what you want. Even a husband has the option to divorce her wife (and vice versa) if he is not happy with her.

People talk about unconditional love. Is there really anything called this? I don’t think so. Everything on earth has a condition. Even rain doesn’t pour without a condition, which is the water cycle. If the water evaporation stops, there will be no rain. The sun doesn’t rise without a condition and the condition is rotation. If the rotation of the earth stops, there will be no sunrise or sunset. When nature doesn’t do anything without a condition, do we really expect the most ungrateful of all creations of God to do anything unconditionally? NEVER!

LOVE is NOTHING but a refined term used for LUST.

You talk to someone (of opposite gender) for a few days late at night, you will feel you have fallen in love with him/her. Why? Just because night is the most sensitive and emotional phase of a 24 hours’ day. As soon as it’s morning, you get busy with all the other things in life. And sometimes you even feel stupid for being so senti the last night.

It’s all about time, nothing is permanent, as said by someone.

Had love been a real feeling, you would fall in love with the ugliest person. You would not see someone’s status, face, height, weight or anything else. You would not expect anything from him or her. Neither material nor emotional or physical. But do we do this? No! We have either one of the expectations from our partner, if not all.

So there is no love, it’s all about your luck. If God was in a good mood while He created you, you are lucky. You are tall, you are beautiful, you are fair, you are slim, you are rich. Oh! That’s all you need to be lucky and be loved by all. You lack one of these things, you will still be loved, but by a lesser group of people. You lack two of these and the number will decrease further and so on.

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Post Author: Atoofa Khushnood

1 thought on “What is Love – A True Feeling?

    Dipak Dasgupta

    (11th October 2017 - 1:50 pm)

    Love comes out of respect. When you respect somebody love comes automatically irrespective of any condition ( age. wealth, look anything). But the British poet Lord Byron said “love ends the day you get married”. Which is not necessarily always true.

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