As a child, I had a number of dreams. To be a doctor was the first one. Then a teacher, and if I watched a motivating patriotic movie, I wanted to become a patriot. My ambition in life kept changing.

Currently, I’m an entrepreneur. I proudly call myself the Founder & CEO of Startup Idols. A company, dealing in Digital Marketing, Content Writing, Web Development, Graphic Designing and a lot more was founded by me on 2nd October, 2017.

It was on 14th August (Independence Day) every year when I became aspirant to join the police force seeing the patriotism all around the town. But this ambition of being an IPS officer was either on every Independence Day or when I watched a patriotic movie like Jai Gangajal, 2016. I always developed the urge to be a lawyer watching the serial Adalat on Sony TV. My professional preference kept changing depending on my mood and emotional status at the time.

You can read more about my professional career on my business website. Also, can go through our portfolio to know more about Startup Idols.

Being a confused person since my early ages, I couldn’t decide on my field of study as well. I kept hopping from one field to another. I studied all the possible subjects since my school to college days. In my 10th I studied Arts, I then switched to Commerce and then to Journalism and Mass Communication during my college days. Ultimately ended up landing as a Customer Sales Advisor in one of the renowned hotel industries in Dubai. I then decided to continue with my studies after a gap of 1.5 years and chose MBA in Human Resources keeping my hopping tradition intact.

Hence, I’m also writing a book titled “It All Happened in Dubai“.

Not being able to cope with the corporate world, I decided to resign from my job and move back to India. Also, I had been homesick for these two years. Or at least for the last 1.5 years. I completely changed as a person. My decision to go for Journalism and Mass Communications was on the grounds of my writing hobby. I, as a child, have loved penning down real life incidences. And, one day, want to write a masterpiece that the world would read and appreciate. I have always wanted to gain positive fame, especially in the field of writing.

I now am trying to get back to my old self. I’ve started spending a lot of my time writing. But I do not see the same expressiveness now, that my words once had. I at times feel demotivated, but I do not stop trying. Writing is my passion and my hobby. I have always been a confused person. However, writing is something that I never was confused about. Hence, I’m also writing a book titled “It All Happened in Dubai”.

Having no clue of what my future has in store for me, I am living my life as it comes to me.

Not extending it further, this is a little of what Atoofa is.