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For a Lovely Friend I Lost! – Friendship Poem

A girl so cheerful.
Full of life and cool.
Every time I recall you,
I remember the days we spent together.

No matter how much I try,
I fail to imagine you, so motionless.
With every blink of an eye,
I visualize your smiling face, bidding me goodbye.

I miss the time we had,

Laughing, giggling and glad.
The crazy dancing we did,
And the stupid jokes we cracked.

Nima, I wish I wrote something for you when you were alive.
For, you could have read and smiled.
I know it’s too late.
But trust me, I have always missed you, my mate.

Your death didn’t get a tear in my eye,

As it took me two days to accept the fact before I could cry.
Never knew you would leave us so soon,
To be in the sky like the moon.

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