This Is Exactly How It Feels: When You Are Lonely And You Don’t Have Him!

I am sorry,
But I still love you.
You say you cannot be my friend,
But I don’t believe this to be the end.

I need you to be around me,
Because your presence gives me a feeling of glee.
You are someone who can never be replaced,
Because you are the one I have always embraced.

Maybe I couldn’t make you believe,
Which forced you to leave.
But trust me,
I love you like the skies love the sea.

They always pretend to meet at the end,
Where they completely blend.
I have no more words to defend,
But I simply request you to be my friend.

I remember the fun we used to have,
But now they all seem naive.
I don’t want you to leave me and go,
This is all that I want you to know.

We are like the sea and the sky,
They never meet, still seeing them together, sitting on the beach under the open sky is what people enjoy.
Please try and think from your heart,
And do not let us apart.

You have a special place in my life,
Because there is no one who knows the secrets I have.
Yet another reason,
Like the world, your love doesn’t have any season.

I miss you, I need you,
Because people like your are very few.
I am sorry,
But I still love you.

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Post Author: Atoofa Khushnood

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