This Is What My Ego Says Every Time I See You!

Your face is my mirror,

Every time I see you.

I see the ego in me,

It also shows the better person I could be.

I want to sit on my knee,

And make you a plea,

To forgive me.

Your face is like my book of sins,

Through your face, my ego grins.

It laughs at me and says,

You lost him because you wanted me.

I keep silent and think,

I will not do it again.

But my arrogance says,

If you do this, I shall leave.

He is just a human being,

But I am your self-respect.

I have been with you for ages,

But he shall leave you when he wishes.

Once again I listen to my ego,

And refrain from telling him that “I love you”.

He knows it too,

But he also has an ego that he cannot sue.

Your face is my weakness,

Your deep eyes are my keys.

My heart opens everytime you look at me,

And the feel it gives is full of glee.

A2fa  ©

Post Author: Atoofa Khushnood

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