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Dead or Alive?

No one lives for anyone. Nor does anyone die for anyone. But how can someone consider you dead when you are still alive? A2fa ©

Rape and love making

Rape and Love Making!

There is a very thin line of difference between rape and love-making – consent. If you do it with the girl’s consent it’s love-making and if you do it without the girl’s consent it’s rape. Please understand the difference. A2fa  ©



Criticism has always had a double meaning: When criticised by enemies, it is a motivation. When criticised by friends, it is a demotivation. A2fa  ©

Pashtawa – Broken Heart Shayari!

​ Yaad aata hai jab tera rookhapan, Jab satata hai ye soonapan. Darte hain narazgi me utha na dein koi aisa kadam, Ke tu bhi pashtaye or pashtaye hum. A2fa  ©


You will have many to say “I love you” but none will be there to prove it.

Secrets of Life!

Never share all your secrets of life with your boyfriend or the one you plan to marry. Because, no matter how much he says he trusts you, one day or the other, he will surely doubt on you regarding the same dark past of your life. So as it is said, “Better safe than sorry”. […]


Jo log bure waqt pe tumhara sath chod dein samajh lena wahi log tumhare “DOST” hain, kyunke family he hogi sirf jo us waqt tumhare sth hogi. Very True! A2fa ©


Living without you is not a big thing. But forgetting you is. A2fa ©


Never trust people you think you can trust, because they are the ones most likely to break it. A2fa ©


It really hurts when people you care for the most lie to you about being in great troubles while they are enjoying their lives thoroughly. A2fa ©

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