Being A Girl Was Her Crime For Which She Had To Die!

Being A Girl Was Her Crime For Which She Had To Die!

In this lustrous world,

Women can never grow.

Not that she is weak,

But the men are stronger.

In my neighbourhood, it so happened,

An 18-year-old was raped and killed.

Her neck was cut,

And so was her wrist.

She must have cried many tears,

And screamed aloud.

But still, couldn’t save herself,

Because she was weak.

I am not ashamed of being weaker,

But why aren’t they ashamed of misusing their power.

This is what I ask,

Don’t they have a heart?

Giving life to a child requires nine months,

Then why don’t they think twice before taking it?

Is this called being human?

Or is it being insane?

People cry when their pets die,

But what is the worth that a girl has?

As her family said,

She was not an estimable girl.

Hence they did not want to complain,

And spoil their family’s name.

I do not comment on her character,

But I do question those men for giving her that pain.

Thinking of what she went through,

Filled are my eyes with tears.

Watching Crime Patrol is my favourite past time,

I don’t really get connected or affected.

Because for me it’s just a teleplay,

With a tragic end that is not real.

Today I got to know,

Such people do exist.

Though it is tough to believe,

But there is no way I could deny this.

Witnessing this in my neighbourhood,

I feel frightened and afraid.

Of moving out of my house,

And living my life the way I want.

Being a girl was her crime

For which she had to die!


Post Author: Atoofa Khushnood

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