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Evolution and Love – Has Love Evolved with Evolution?

It’s a new world, a new generation and a new lifestyle. We are advancing a lot. Gadgets and technology have made life easier and simpler than we ever imagined. We are in the world of Alexa where you don’t even need a human to talk to. Alexa is enough to get you over your loneliness. No doubt, we are progressing. But it is undoubtedly making us lazy and dumb. Things happen in seconds. There was a time when Maggi also needed two minutes to be cooked. But now you can order a Pizza in 30 seconds. Life has become way too easier in this century. People are more attached to gadgets than people. Because gadgets have made their way of living easier and more comfortable. And in this advancing and changing world that has become way too fast, feelings and emotions have also taken pace.

Everything happens too quickly. You meet people, no no! face to face meeting happens later. How can we surpass technology? So, people first meet directly or indirectly through social media. And even before their actual meeting, they start liking each other. And the next Sunday they plan a meetup. Then a movie. And even before the proposal, they get so close as if they have been dating for weeks or months. Calls, texts, video chats and frequent meetups. Feels like there is nothing else that they have to do. And then they are confused if they even love each other or not. After some emotional exchange of feelings, he proposes to her so hesitantly. And she replies with a “too”. Things start, days pass. Life feels like heaven.

Evolution and Love

A week’s relationship feels like a decade old love story. Obviously, we are in a century of Alexa – more humane than humans. She replies to your “I love you” faster than you say it. And talking about the FASTNESS of the century, it’s not even a month and the so-called love story starts converting into a headache. Now, the person who looked for excuses and left office to meet you looks for reasons to avoid you. He, who couldn’t sleep without listening to you, makes excuses to avoid talking to you. The guy, who never liked you talking about a guy, lets you meet any guy. He, who called you 20 times a day, just to say “Hi” now doesn’t even read your WhatsApp despite coming online a number of times. He who got insecure and said “Your work is taking you away from me” just because you got slightly busy with your work and didn’t reply to his message instantly, now calls you and in a few minutes says “I will call you back shortly” but that shortly extends from 3 PM to 01:00 AM (next day) or even later. The man, who always called you on the way back home, from work, doesn’t even text you once. He, who would say at 4 AM in the morning (being on call since 11 PM), with eyes full of sleep and a stammering voice “I’m not feeling like leaving you” when you ask him to disconnect the call and sleep, now messages you at 12 am saying “I’m going to sleep”. He, who would panic if you shared a picture with a drop of blood on your finger, now is least bothered to be by your side when you constantly send him crying emojis and say you need him badly (to talk).

As I said, we are in the fastest evolving century, therefore, these changes also didn’t take a decade to take place. A month, rather less than a month was enough for the transformation to happen.

This proves we are advancing. We are becoming faster. We are in a century where you take a day to fall in love and half a day to get over it. 🙂

Cheers to technology, development, advancement and evolution.

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