Overcoming My Biggest Fear – Hydrophobia!

I am working hard towards overcoming one of my biggest fear. I never knew I was afraid of water or to be precise, I had hydrophobia. Recently, I started taking swimming lessons and I am doing good with the floating and also a little of paddling but I am afraid to do exactly the same thing in deep water. 

It’s my 9th class and I am still in shallow water. I am too scared to go beyond a certain mark. My deadline is confined till the mark where I get the floor. And every day I go there, I utilize the first 20 to 25 minutes in overcoming my fear of water and the remaining 20 to 15 minutes, I try the swimming tricks. I have always enjoyed being in the water and never felt the fear of water. I have been to every corner of the infinity pool in Dubai at Jumeirah at Etihad Tower Hotel though I didn’t know the ‘S’ of swimming at that time. But, I had someone with me, holding my hand whom I trusted with my life. And the feeling of hydrophobia was not there.

It’s not that I do not have trainers here. There are two ladies, one at each end of the pool (breath). One pushes the person from one end and the other is ready to hold you as soon as you reach closer to her. Despite everything, I am still scared. I dared to try it once, but the moment she left me, I was deep inside the pool. I struggled to get hold of her and rise up. This was my first and last attempt till now. My feet started to tremble and my fear increased. I became surer that I cannot go to the other side of the pool.

Every day, after my session ends, I am too determined to go across the pool the following day. But the moment I enter the pool I lose all the determination and courage I gathered in the last 24 hours. My determination to learn swimming and defeat hydrophobia is still there. And In Shaa ALLAH, I will. I may not be able to learn it this year but will again join the new session next summer, if alive. 

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