How it feels to be able to help people!

How it Feels to be Able to Help People!

A week ago, when I was not doing anything other than sitting at home, eating and sleeping, I used to get hell upset when anyone asked me if I can help them with a job. Because I myself was looking for one. And 1 year back when I was in Dubai, the situation was similar. I often used to get frustrated on people who asked me for help in getting a job in Dubai. Today I am a Talent Acquisition Executive (HR) and I realize that, it was not that I was selfish or didn’t want to help people. Nor was my frustration on them. But it was all my helplessness that made me frustrated. Now when anyone approaches me for help in getting placed, I feel honoured and happy, because I know that little or more, I have the ability now to help people. Or at least I can TRY to help them. Now I enjoy contacting people and asking them if they need my assistance.

So it’s never about you being good or bad with people. Your behaviour just depends on the situation you are in.

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