Love Is Very Simple Yet Complicated

Love Is Very Simple Yet Complicated!

Love Is Very Simple Yet Complicated!

Love!! Oh really?? Love marriages have become a trend in today’s world. We, the new generation often look down upon those who have an arranged marriage. Time and again, you will notice yourself teasing your friends regarding their marriage which was or is not going to be a love marriage. More than a feeling, love has become a style statement. Having a boyfriend/girlfriend, getting into a physical relationship has now become a necessity. Not because you love your partner but because you get a chance to boast about your love and sex life among your friends.

And with the advancement of Bollywood, we have also become very filmy. When it comes to saying, we are ready to even get the stars for the one we love. But if we are asked to be sensible enough and caring towards our partner when they are not in a stable condition, we fail. And we fail drastically. We never refrain from fighting or abusing each other just for the sake of winning an argument. We always fail to abstain from hurting our partner, especially at a time when we know, they NEED us. It is not always a one-sided thing. This happens at both ends. But one of the two needs to be sensible. Especially the emotionally stronger person, who is the guy usually, needs to take care of his girl.

You make mistakes, she makes mistakes, we make mistakes!

Love is not expressed by words but by actions and feelings. Love is not an instruction that you give someone, it is an emotion that you make someone FEEL. Asking your girl to leave you even as a matter of joke may make her feel unwanted. Hiding things from her, not sharing yourself with her often dejects her. She may, at times say something weird in return, but it doesn’t give you the right to hide things from her. You are always welcome to tell her what hurts you. But you cannot tell her that she doesn’t deserve your love or respect. And still, expect her to come after you. Love is very simple yet complicated. Saying a simple word can break your relationship and hiding a single feeling can complicate your love life.

You make mistakes, she makes mistakes, we make mistakes. But it never means we stop sharing, loving and caring. And if this happens, it never was love. It could have been called anything but not LOVE. Love is not pleasing each other always but fighting and still loving. It is not abusing each other, but always protecting and safeguarding each other’s respect. Love is not all that you think it is. Love is everything yet nothing.

You even love a pet you have with you for a couple of days and get upset if they are in pain. Then why do you hurt the one you say you want to spend your entire life with?

Is this really what you call as Love?

If so, then trust me, NO ONE needs your love.

It is always better to stay single than to have a fake lover.

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